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Cyber Security Awareness Training (English)

This awareness training program drives the behavioral change needed to protect sensitive data every day. It includes the following modules:

  • Malware Awarenes
  • Social Engineering
  • Password Security
  • Email Security
  • Physical Security
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Phishing Awareness
  • Travel Security
  • PCI Compliance
  • Data Privacy Awareness


Malware Awarenes
In this module, learners will understand the goals of malware, identify the many types of malware, and recognize how to prevent malware infection both at work and at home.

Social Engineering
In this module, employees will identify the many forms of social engineering and its potential impacts, identify techniques used by social engineers and understand how to establish validity of requests in order to perform daily business functions in light of the threat of social engineers.

Password Security
Staff will be able to identify safeguards used to protect passwords as well as techniques used by attackers to obtain passwords. During interactive exercises users will learn how to create and remember strong passwords, better securing corporate accounts.

Email Security
Staff will learn to recognize malicious email before it becomes a threat, how to properly handle email, and best practices around how and when to use email to send specific types of information.

Physical Security
Employees will learn the risks associated with transporting sensitive data and the importance of maintaining personal security when traveling, including best practices to safegaurding their hardware.

Mobile Device Security
In this module, staff will learn about mobile devices, the ways data can be leaked or lost, and the challenges that arise when the line between what is corporate and personal is blurred.

Phishing Awareness
Through this module, staff will recognize a malicious email before it can become a threat, understand the various ways in which attackers try to trick and entice users, and best practices to properly handle and avoid phishing attacks.

Travel Security
With the amount of data we can carry around in minuscule devices, travel security is more important than ever. This module introduces staff to the risks associated with transporting sensitive data, offers guidance around how to travel safely with sensitive information and when to leave it at home.

PCI Compliance
Available as an add-on module, our PCI Compliance course, teaches employees to recognize appropriate protection mechanisms for cardholder data.

Data Privacy Awareness
This course equips employees to recognize the importance of understanding what constitutes private data and how to behave in a proactive manner to protect this information in their everyday work.

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